OCZ SSD Vertex 4 Review

The Vertex 4 wrote our 10GB file/folder mix at 411.3 MBps and read it back at 343.3 MBps. That second number was the slowest in the roundup—an odd hiccup for an otherwise very fast drive. The drive wrote our single large 10GB file at 599.3 MBps, and it read it back at 443.3MBps—the fourth- and seventh-fastest transfer rates, respectively, that we saw in those individual tests. Rather than call this drive the Octane 2, OCZ went with Vertex 4, indicating its rightful place at the top of OCZ’s SSD lineup. The implications run even deeper. It marks the first time in two years that a Vertex drive will ship without a SandForce controller inside. Make no mistake, while Octane was a shot across SandForce’s bow, Vertex 4 means war.

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Choosing the Right Wireless Router in India for Home Use

There are many wireless routers available for home with different specifications and they can choose the one that suit their needs. To get best home wireless router in India in the expected budget, they should compare the different company products to find the best one. If people purchase a wireless router in their home, they can get entertainment from the number of devices that are connected to the router. Primary goals like downloading and uploading videos and images can be increased with the help of effective wireless router. They should understand the features and design of the wireless router to get the bandwidth range in a higher way. With a wireless router, they can connect laptop, mobile devices and TV to get the entertainment in different means. This wireless router is the safest idea to satisfy all their expectations and requirements.

The recent technology wireless routers support number of devices in the same manner without any delay. The internet will get connected easily when they connect the best home wireless routers in the market. Many company routers are available at affordable rate with a different use and features that benefit the customers. Wireless-n routers are the preferred wireless router for home and they can understand the specification to purchase. They have to compare the different features of home wireless routers in order to get the one that supports their requirements. Different properties of the wireless router have to be analyzed to obtain the services in the expected manner. Essential properties and features of wireless routers are speeds, distance, bandwidth, and price and guarantee options.
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Available Storage Solutions Used In The Gaming Space

Hard drives usually come with extra cache memory built into the drive for even faster loading. Drives with 32MB or even 64MB of cache will usually run very fast, but you don’t need huge amounts of cache memory in reality, and picking a hard drive with less cache memory such as 8MB or 16MB is fine. WD Blacks operate at 7200RPM and scale to 4TB ($230), making increased capacity one of their biggest advantages over WD Blue. WD Black drives use a beefier chassis than WD Blue as a part of their vibration control. The drive chassis is built to help handle high-speed fan vibration and odd mounting orientation (think: mini-ITX), reducing the chance of read errors and keeping the header in place.

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How To Choose A Storage Device For Gaming

Enhancing the experience acquired from playing video games require high-end peripherals that build a cutting-edge gaming computer system which will run any game smoothly and seamlessly. Every part of the computer must be of the top-notch, whether it is the CPU, the graphics card, the RAM and even the storage device itself. Our main concern in this article is the storage device, because there has been lots of debates about which one is the best to use, is it a solid state drive (SSD) or a traditional hard disk drive (HDD). Those debates stem from the fact that a fast storage device will not increase the performance of the game itself, and what’s responsible for that is the graphics card and the CPU.

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The New Era Of Computer Storage Devices Has Started

In the past computer storage devices were very expensive, very unstable, and extremely small in capacity. That time computers did not interfere most of our life affairs so it wasn’t really a matter to the overwhelming majority of people that computers were coming in very steep prices. But with the last developments in all aspects of life and the need for high technologies to manage the ever-increasing demands on digital processes, the computer technology had to evolve more and more to meet those demands and to take our life to the next level of communication and ease. One of the most essential peripheral that took the attention of developers is the storage device.

With the avalanche of data flowing on computer from the Internet everyday, the strong requirement for a best internal hard drive has dramatically increased to extreme levels. The magnetic surface of each platter is divided into small sub-micrometer-sized magnetic regions, each of which is used to represent a single binary unit of information. A typical magnetic region on a hard-disk platter (as of 2006) is about 200–250 nanometers wide (in the radial direction of the platter) and extends about 25–30 nanometers in the down-track direction (the circumferential direction on the platter), corresponding to about 100 billion bits per square inch of disk area (15.5 Gbit/cm2). This is not a procedure for the technically inept or faint hearted. The following carries no guarantees, and definitely voids and nullifies any existing warranty. The hard disk drive (HDD) is constructed of a few essential parts that give it the ability to function and operate as it does now. The material of the main magnetic medium layer is usually a cobalt-based alloy. In today’s hard drives each of these magnetic regions is composed of a few hundred magnetic grains, which are the base material that gets magnetized. As a whole, each magnetic region will have a magnetization. Interleaved with the platters, lightweight actuator arms, one for each platter side, swivel in unison on a pivot, controlled by a coil in the pivot mechanism. Each of these arms is tipped by a drive head, which is mounted on a tiny suspension mechanism that’s designed to fly, thanks to a law known as Bernoulli’s principle, a minuscule distance above the platters. The heads ride above the surface on a cushion of air that is created by the spinning of the platters.

Using A Hard Drive

The platter surfaces are coated with a thin film that stabilizes the magnetically reactive particles that are spread across the disk. Know that this is only a last resort. You have tried everything else, your data is not extremely important, and/or your cash flow restricts the use of a professional service. These particles represent data as vast series of positive and negative charges. To “write” data, the drive heads change the particles’ magnetic orientation via current passing through a coil, in essence “flipping” them as needed. When the computer is turned on, these platters will begin to rotate at so many rotations per minute (RPM). This rate varies depending upon the model of hard drive you have; an example of how fast a hard drive may spin is 7200 RPM. Now even a hard drive for gaming cannot be always a good solution for the problem you face with slow video games. In recent drives, a separate giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head performs the read functions, detecting particles’ magnetic resistance at the quantum level. One reason magnetic grains are used as opposed to a continuous magnetic medium is that they reduce the space needed for a magnetic region. In continuous magnetic materials, formations called Neel spikes tend to appear. These are spikes of opposite magnetization, and form for the same reason that bar magnets will tend to align themselves in opposite directions. Above is a graphic example of what the inside of a hard drive looks like and examples of a hard drive platter. As can be seen in the desktop computer hard drive this drive has three different platters. These cause problems because the spikes cancel each other’s magnetic field out, so that at region boundaries, the transition from one magnetization to the other will happen over the length of the Neel spikes. This is called the transition width. This signal is amplified and fed to the drive electronics, which perform error correction and convert data into a PC-usable format.

The way to entertainment with video games

It’s not that they know nothing about games; it’s that they know just enough to be wrong. Ever go to a game forum and notice how every player thinks he’s better than the designers? That combat would be perfectly balanced if the developers would just change that +2 to a +3 for his class? Now imagine that those people are running the business, and you have a pretty good idea of what the problem is — creating a perfect game looks easy from the outside, in the same way that from the outside it seems like it’d be really easy to make a snake. And those outsiders are in charge.

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Why do you play a video game?

Gaming also plays an increasingly important role in family life, with latest figures showing 43 per cent of parents plays video games with their children across Europe.

The gallery of iconic objects in gaming includes early computers like the BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum, joysticks and landmark games, such as the critically-reviled ET for the Atari, a tie-in with the hit Steven Spielberg film, copies of which were recently found buried in the New Mexico desert.

Jonathan Smith, one of the centre’s directors, said the building would be a “cathedral” for the art form and a unique visitor attraction.

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Hard drive to be used in systems with games

Despite the rapid adoption of Solid State Drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs) will continue to lead the overall storage market because of their cost advantage on higher densities and dollars-per-gigabyte pricing. SSDs will become more attractive to PC makers and buyers alike as costs decline for the NAND flash memory at the heart of the storage devices. This report focuses on the entire hard disk drive market food chain, analyzing the markets for hard disk drives, substrates, and thin film heads. Processing issues in the manufacture of each of these sectors in included and the report details the CMP and Lithography sectors of thin film head processing. Market forecasts of all sectors are detailed.

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Hard Drives For Gaming Can Be a Good Idea

The problem? Console makers, particularly Microsoft, might have chosen to cut prices too soon, hurting the industry’s prospects for revenue growth.

“Despite a decline in dollar sales, hardware unit sales for eighth generation consoles increased by 3 percent over November 2013,” NPD analyst Liam Callahan said in a statement. That means price cuts, like Microsoft’s $50 reduction for its Xbox One console in the US and aggressive bundling of free games with console purchases to further entice customers, may have done more harm than good.

The games industry has struggled to show consistent growth since launching the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles a year ago. So far, the trend has been that hardware has sold well, while software has underperformed.

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The Future Of Video Games With Hard Drives [a1]

Nearly every month since Microsoft and Sony launched new game consoles in November 2013, hardware purchases have made up for the fact that players just weren’t buying that many new games.

Yet last month the industry flip-flopped. Hardware sales at US retail stores fell 23 percent to $1.01 billion from the same time last year, according to a report from industry researcher NPD Group. Game sales, meanwhile managed to almost break even with a 2 percent decline to $1.09 billion. Year over year, overall retail game spending across hardware, software and accessories dived 11 percent to $2.41 billion.

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